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The Wiki for anything related to the Dragoian Universe by Roebot56. Unless you genuinely have something useful to add, such as spelling corrections, do not mess with anything wrote by Roebot56, as this is the only information that is actually canon. This wiki was made to provide as much information about the Dragoian Universe, created by Roebot56, as possible.

Technical Notes

  • All years are Dragoian years unless clearly stated otherwise, which are 30 years ahead of Earth years.
  • Gun calibre will be measured the Dragoian way, in which they measure the radius, and not the diameter like humans would.
  • An Arbitary unit is 6/5 of a foot, therefore 5 Arbitary units are 6ft. Arbitary units are rarely used as meters and ft are far more useful.
  • All 'photos' on this Wiki that are uploaded by me (Roebot56) are all my material unless clearly noted otherwise.
  • On Large ships, most cannons, (in the case of Dragoians, anything smaller than a Heavy SoulTech cannon), will not be shown.
  • Aircraft do not exist on any world that contains living DragonKin.
  • The use of missiles, or other unmanned, guided weaponary, is unheard of in any DragonKin species or any of the Dragoian Home Galaxy's non-human species for that matter.
  • Height is measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head. Unscaled horns (an example of scaled horn is a Dragoian) and ears are not included. On quadropeds such as Fawdraxans and Fevire, height is measured from the bottom of the forelegs's foot to the top of the head.
  • All weights are taken as nude weights (unless stated otherwise) so that clothing is not taken into consideration.
  • DragonKin do not use the term "Fucking" when describing something really bad, using "Effing" ("Eff" when singular) instead. This is due to "Fucking" originating from sexual sources, a subject that the vast majority of DragonKin find distasteful.



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